As Of October 26, 2022 We Have Discontinued The Sale Of All Honey And Hive Products
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About Us

Pirate Creek Bees

Pirate Creek Bees is owned and operated by the Garcia family out of Sunol, Ca. Pirate Creek was founded by brothers Mike and Jim Garcia in 2014 to help the dwindling native populations on their family's cattle ranch and the surrounding area. An ever expanding operation, Pirate Creek Bees actively operates several bee yards in the east bay area with many more around the entire bay area planned for the future. Prior to 2017, Pirate Creek had been solely a pollination company but now specializes in high quality natural honey and other products from the hive. 

Our History

The Garcia family has deep agriculture ties in the San Francisco Bay Area as they have been cattle ranchers in the east bay since the mid-1860s. Having ranched their entire lives, brothers Mike and Jim Garcia wanted to do more to help the various native species around their ranch. They began a number of conservation projects including bee hives, owl boxes, and bird boxes to name a few. They had a special interest in beekeeping and soon after began expanding their hives. Both brothers being entrepreneurs in vastly different fields brought unique skills and resources together and founded Pirate Creek Bees. Their complimentary contributions to the company have allowed Pirate Creek to grow at an unprecedented pace which they hope to continue into the foreseeable future.