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Beekeeping Classes


Want to become a beekeeper but don't know where to start? Pirate Creek Bees offers in depth and hands on beekeeping classes. All classes are led by one of the Pirate Creek beekeepers and kept small to optimize learning. Click Here To Reserve Your Spot!

Bay Area Beekeeping

Learn the essentials and inspect your first hive! No experience required. Small class size, space is limited.

Time: 10 AM - 2:30 PM

Smoked Tri-tip sandwiches provided,  Vegan/Vegetarian options available with prior notice.


This class targets individuals who are interested in beginning their beekeeping journey. Acquire the basic knowledge to manage your first hive(s) this season.  Classes taught by Pirate Creek Bees owner/head beekeeper Jim Garcia.


  • Basic Bee Biology
  • Beekeeping equipment
  • Hive Structure
  • Beekeeping Techniques
  • Brief Introduction to Bee Diseases
  • First hive inspection (weather permitting)
  • Honey Tasting

 Click Here To Reserve Your Spot!