As Of October 26, 2022 We Have Discontinued The Sale Of All Honey And Hive Products
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Pirate Creek Honey

Raw and Unfiltered

The best honey is straight out of the beehive. At Pirate Creek Bees we don't cook, microfilter or pasteurize our honey, EVER. While the definition of raw and unfiltered honey changes from company to company and person to person, we believe extracted honey should never exceed conditions found in a beehive. Pirate Creek Honey is extracted, lightly strained to remove large impurities and bottled straight to the consumer. 

Honey does granulate/crystallize, however, and sometimes heat is required to re-liquefy. When this happens we gently heat our honey utilizing special temperature controls. These thermostats automatically shut down heating elements if temperatures begin to exceed our acceptable range. In most cases, that range is no more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit and in some extreme cases, such as making creamed honey, no more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Our reasoning: Honey bees will regulate the lower brood chambers at a constant 92 degrees Fahrenheit, but the upper honey supers can exceed temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit in some circumstances. It is also widely agreed upon that 118 degrees Fahrenheit is the upper temperature limit to consider honey raw, as most enzymes begin deteriorating at that temperature.

100% Pure

Honey is perfect as nature intended, why change it? You can count on Pirate Creek Honey being 100% pure without any additives or preservatives.


Single Source

The most magical thing about honey is the vast differences in flavors between batches. Each nectar source has its own exclusive flavor and quality that add to a unique experience. At Pirate Creek Bees, we extract our honey in small batches to preserve the unique varietal flavor and bottle it just how the honey bees collect it. Most large honey packers mix multiple types of honey together to give a consistent tasting honey every time. Try a bottle of Pirate Creek Honey and taste honey how nature intended.

Produced in USA

All Pirate Creek Honey is guaranteed to be collected in the United States by US beekeepers.


Weatherproof Labels

We believe high quality products deserve high quality packaging. Each Pirate Creek Honey bottle is given a high quality weatherproof label with a matte finish that not only looks great but serves a functional purpose. Honey, especially raw and unfiltered honey, will eventually granulate and our labels were selected to make re-liquefying as easy as possible. There is no need to transfer honey to a different container when re-liquefying out of fear of ink bleeding or label tearing. Place your Pirate Creek Honey bottle directly in warm to hot water and trust that our labels will maintain their aesthetic integrity.

Food Grade Facility

Safety and quality are our primary concerns. All of our honey is extracted and bottled in a food grade facility to provide the safest products to our customers. We built and continue to expand our honey house with safety and cleanliness in mind. Honey can get messy in large quantities and especially while extracting. The Pirate Creek Bees Honey House was built with food grade washable floors, walls and stainless steel appliances/machinery that allows us to routinely clean with an industrial heated power washer. This allows us to keep a pristine working environment and ready to extract and bottle at a moments notice.