Fremont Hills Wildflower Honey

Fremont Hills Wildflower Honey

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The Fremont Hills Wildflower Honey is a smooth and creamy honey that carries with it the initial flavor associated with thistle honey yet  a candy like aftertaste with a hint of black licorice. This honey was harvested at the end of the season while remnants of the thistle honey remained and new wildflower nectar was brought in.


Honey is a natural food product that will never spoil if kept in the right conditions. As honey ages outside of a bee hive it will begin a process known as crystallization. This process is completely natural and one of the amazing characteristics of honey. Crystallized honey will be thick and depending on the level of crystallization will no longer flow like a liquid. If you are using a clear bottle, crystallized honey will appear cloudy when held to a light source. To decrystallize honey back to its original form,  we recommend gently heating the honey in a hot water bath. The lower the temperature the less harmful the heat is to the honey but the longer it will need to remain in the water. We recommend heating the water up from 90 degrees Fahrenheit (the approximate temperature of a hive) up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. We do not recommend heating honey above 130 degrees Fahrenheit as it cooks the honey and begins to  kill all of the helpful organisms while turning the  light honey darker. We do not recommend decrystallizing in a microwave as it will also cook the honey and melt plastic honey bottles.


Storing Honey

Honey can last thousands of years if kept in the right conditions. Honey is extremely easy to store as its main requirement is to be kept in a dry place. Adding any additional water to honey will change its structure and cause it to spoil quickly.