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Mountain Honey

Mountain Honey


A very light and sweet honey with a complex candy-like profile. This mountain wildflower was collected in the Sierra Nevada above 3,000 feet in elevation. Nectar sources include: Manzanita, Bear Clover, Buck Brush and Vetch, among others.

  • Raw and Unfiltered
  • 100% Pure
  • Single Source
  • Produced in USA
  • Weatherproof label to easily re-liquefy

    Crystallized  Honey

    Honey is a natural food product that will never spoil if kept in the right conditions. As honey ages, it will begin a process known as crystallization or granulation. This process is completely natural and one of the amazing characteristics of honey. Crystallized honey will be thick, and depending on the level of crystallization, will no longer flow like a liquid. If you are using a clear bottle, crystallized honey will appear cloudy when held to a light source. 

    To re-liquefy honey back to its original form,  we recommend gently heating honey in a water bath. Remove the lid to your honey and place the container inside warm to hot water. Stir occasionally to distribute heat and mix in honey crystals for best results. It is important to note that heating honey should be avoided if possible and crystallized honey is still perfectly fine to eat. Heating honey above certain temperatures runs the risk of losing essential enzymes and nutrients as well as flavor profiles.  There is no official classification for raw honey, but generally it is agreed upon that the upper temperature limit of the honey itself should never exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit. At Pirate Creek Bees, we slowly re-liquefy honey to best preserve its unique characteristics and aid in bottling. We utilize special temperature sensors that turn off any heating elements if temperatures reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit. We do not recommend using  a microwave as it can create hot spots in the honey as well as melt plastic containers.


    Storing Honey

    Honey can last thousands of years if kept in the right conditions. Store honey in a dry, cool place (like a kitchen cabinet) for best results. Increasing the moisture content of honey, in most cases above 18%, will cause fermentation.  We do not recommend placing honey in a refrigerator as it can introduce additional moisture and cause honey to crystallize more quickly.